Alan Madej, Lowly, The Tree Ghost, Sexy Pig Divas

CODA Presents

Alan Madej

Lowly, The Tree Ghost

Sexy Pig Divas

Fri ยท August 24, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$5.00 - $7.00

Lowly, The Tree Ghost
Lowly, The Tree Ghost
When Andrew Arbogast decided he wanted to make music, a seed was planted. Try as he might to nourish it alone, a pursuit of a singer-songwriter career was too solitary and left him unfulfilled. The roots had begun to grow, the seed had sprouted, but something was missing.

He needed a band.

Thankfully, long-time friend Emily McKitrick and Andrew's then-roommate, Joseph Piedmonte, joined him in a quest to nurture the fledgling music project that would become Lowly the Tree Ghost.

Emily's bright voice and prowess at the piano brilliantly complimented Andrew's own baritone and guitar, while Joseph contributed the depth and darkness that only a bass could. The seedling reached higher. Still, something was missing.

Two posts on Craiglist brought the final two members to the band---violinist Laura Simna and drummer Alec Schumann and the seedling flourished, its branches reaching out to embrace the sun's warmth.

Lowly the Tree Ghost is a band that was brought together through the common idea of nourishing and creating music that embraces vivid imagery for its audience while establishing a sense of community.

The band's varied musical backgrounds and tastes coalesce, creating a sound that cannot be carefully compartmentalized into one genre. They delicately traipse the folk-rock line and then in the next song, will be found leaning towards a pop or an indie sound.

Their subject matter is as varied as their influences---from the seen to unseen, to animal parades, to darker subjects like death and suicide, Lowly shows its range by never settling. The band is always striving for growth, each member always reaching higher, until they have become one of the forest's giants.

Amidst the branches you can find the fruits of the band's discography: 2010's Whatever Goes, Let it Go!, 2011's For the Haunted and the recently released Tall Tales EP.
Venue Information:
CODA - Cleveland
2247 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH, 44113